Married to a non-nurse

How can life at home be for a person married to nurse?  I mean we sit around and talk about bodily functions, fluids and pretty disgusting stuff while we are eating and don’t think twice about it. But if your partner is a non-nurse who is an accountant or something like that, it may not go over very well.
We see a lot of crazy stuff every day at work.  Patients with huge wounds, full of pus and necrotic.  Patients with various household items found in various parts of their bodies.  And even the crazy stuff that patients or families say to us.  We think that stuff is great, but not everybody does.

My wife works in healthcare and is actually a nurse too, but doesn’t practice nursing, so she is fine with my stories.  But I quickly found out that what I think is a great story, is not always that great to my friends that work in the financial world.  They ask things, but I found out that they want to hear about somebody that got shot or stabbed, but not necessarily how it looked, in detail.

They want to hear about people that lost their adult toys, inside themselves, but they didn’t really want to know how it was removed.

Talking about what we see and do helps us to unwind after a tough day at work.  When you go to tell that information to a non-nurse, it may not have the same impact to them as it did to you.  You may just get a disgusted facial expression or listen to them say “gross” or “how can you deal with that?”  That kind of takes away from the cathartic nature of telling your stories.

Unfortunately for us, we have censure the stuff we say to others to get it out.  You can always call me and tell me, I love hearing this stuff….they put what, where?

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