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In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. federal government is giving states the power to decide when it’s safe to reopen their economies. States like Alaska, Tennessee, and Georgia are in the processes of lifting their shelter-in-place orders, so local businesses can get back to work as soon as possible; while New York, California, and New Jersey are still weeks, if not months, away from doing the same.

However, reopening various non-essential businesses and stores comes with plenty of risk. Some lesser-hit areas may have the resources to prevent and contain future outbreaks, while others that would still be trying to recover from the current outbreak may be left hoping for the best.

Businesses of all sizes are preparing for a post-pandemic world. The CDC has issued clear recommendations for businesses planning to reopen amid the pandemic, including keeping patrons further apart by reducing occupancy levels, regularly cleaning and disinfecting public surfaces, and making sure staffers do not come into work if they are feeling ill. Many establishments will need to adjust their operations before they can safely reopen to the public.

A company that specializes in covid cleaning services known as American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is helping businesses across the country establish a new normal as they get ready to reopen during this uncertain time. ATI has launched the Go Back Safely program and aims at helping businesses re-open through their sanitation methods, and more so, help them stay open as SMBs navigate these uncertain waters.

The State of Local Businesses

Reopening non-essential businesses such as gyms, libraries, salons, and retail stores, isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. When a company closes its doors for months on end, the building will need to be inspected before it can reopen to the public.

While closed, businesses can easily suffer from excess moisture, leaks, and drafts, which can lead to the spread of mold and other airborne debris. HVAC systems may need to be repaired. Employees may also return to work only to discover a serious rodent problem. When customers and workers are away, rats, mice and other pests can start to run rampant.

Many employees may be hesitant to return to work if they think there’s a chance they may be exposed to the coronavirus. Business owners can put these cares at ease by working with a company like ATI. Disaster recovery personnel will thoroughly disinfect the workplace, so everyone feels comfortable using the space. ATI will also work with managers to ensure their businesses stay virus-free after they reopen by suggesting regularly scheduled disinfection visits based on the size of the client’s facility and the number of employees.

Why Janitorial Cleaning Isn’t Enough

Hiring a company like ATI isn’t the same as having a janitorial crew make their rounds before reopening to the public. These disaster response professionals have the experience to safely decontaminate various environments without cutting corners or putting their health at risk. ATI uses the necessary personal protection equipment to make sure team members can safely clean these environments.

ATI crew members use powerful technology to make sure various rooms and offices are safe for human occupancy, including ultra-low volume fogging machines to quickly sanitize large workspaces, utilizing electrostatic sprayers for disinfecting surfaces, and the use of ultraviolet light for rooting out possible germicidal contaminants. This goes above and beyond your ordinary mop and broom. Germs can easily linger on personal items – even if they have been discarded. Crew members treat all trash as hazardous material to prevent the spread of infection, so business owners and their employees don’t have to worry about accidentally touching something they shouldn’t.

Unlike other sanitation companies, ATI has the resources in place to make sure it can serve local communities and businesses in their time of need. Early in the pandemic, the company established a Nerve Center, made up of cross-function executives to make sure local teams have the equipment and sanitation supplies they need to respond to local outbreaks and health emergencies. This team quickly addresses issues concerning supplies, labor, technology, and communication, so every ATI client gets the attention they deserve.

ATI is considered an essential business, which means it gets priority access to safety gear and supplies that other businesses may lack. If businesses experience another outbreak, ATI will be on the scene as fast as possible to help contain the spread of infection.

When it comes to reopening in the middle of a global pandemic, business owners can’t leave anything to chance. Their customers also want to know that they are doing everything they can to keep them safe. Hiring a company like ATI will help business owners reopen with peace of mind. They can also share this information with their customers, so they feel more comfortable in public spaces.

Our Post-Pandemic Future

Once we are all free to leave our homes, go back to work, and spend our money as we please, life won’t look the same as it did before the pandemic. Companies like ATI are here to help businesses create and implement new working procedures to limit the spread of infectious disease to allow life to continue as normal.

Reopening for business is about more than just disinfecting surfaces and killing germs. Many companies will need to rethink the way they do business to limit the potential for future outbreaks. Businesses will need to create strict disinfection policies to keep public spaces as clean as possible. Employees may no longer be permitted to congregate in large groups. Workflow and processes may be adjusted to reduce redundancies and limit human physical contact. Workers and customers will likely be asked to sit further apart. More employees may be asked to work from home instead of coming to the office, and customers may choose to order products and services online instead of visiting physical locations.

They will also need to help their employees manage their health as they return to work. Some businesses may use mandatory temperature checks to keep workers at home if they are feeling unwell, while others may ask their employees to stay home if they may have been exposed. If an infected individual was recently on the job, ATI will help these businesses re-disinfect their workspaces and isolate potential infections. Businesses of all sizes must have emergency containment and disease prevention procedures in place before reopening to the public.

Thanks to the work of ATI and other disaster recovery firms, businesses across the country are starting to reopen their doors. We all want life to return to normal, but not without taking a few precautions along the way. If you’re anxious to reopen your business or office, contact the professionals at ATI today for more information about their remediation and Go Back Safely program.

Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs is a healthcare writer for Scrubs Magazine, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With both of his parents working in the healthcare industry, Steven writes about the various issues and concerns facing the industry today.

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