Meet the irrepressible Katie Duke


Meet Katie Duke
From the Spring 2014 issue of Scrubs

If Katie Duke looks familiar, your memory serves you well.

She played a prominent role in ABC’s highly acclaimed documentary series NY Med. It aired in the summer of 2012 and followed medical teams and patients at three New York City hospitals. The producing team—who also created Hopkins and Boston Med—are preparing for a second season of NY Med, which is airing this summer, and Duke will again be starring with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Even if you didn’t watch the first go-round, tune in to see our Ms. Duke, unflappable regardless of what comes through the doors of her big-city ER.

There’s no mistaking that she’s a smart, very experienced and competent nurse; that she’s headstrong; and that she’s outspoken, unfazed and unafraid of any repercussions of standing up for herself and her fellow nurses.

But what may not readily
 come across is her soft side.

Grounded in her Midwestern
roots, Duke cares deeply about
her family back in St. Louis, her “small and great group of posi
tive” friends and her work. Visibly proud to say she comes from a family of nurses (mom, a nurse for 52 years; sister; aunt; and two cousins), Duke wants more than anything to have a hand in improving the public perception of nurses. She thinks they’re underappreciated, that nursing is often thankless and that the media portrays nurses as popping pills and sleeping with doctors.

“We have to get away from all that! The reality is that we should be seen as the people who will correct physicians’ mistakes and handle critical situations at the drop of a dime. If you removed nurses from healthcare, the whole system would collapse. We are its heart. That’s the message I want to get out.”

“It Happens in the United States” – Have you read it?

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