Millionairess leaves nurse $34 million


Brooklyn nurse, Hadassah Peri has inherited $34 million upon the death of New York copper-mining millionairess Huguette Clark for whom Peri has been a private nurse since 1991. In addition to the sum, Clark, who passed away in May, has left Peri an extensive doll collection worth millions.

The article, Huguette Clark, NYC Heiress, Leaves $34 Million to Nurse explores the ‘kiss of death’ phenomenon of sudden wealth that often plagues lottery winners who are ill-equipped to deal with the lifestyle change. Psychology experts suggest that Peri, a devoted caretaker, is an example of a grounded personality type who is likely to sidestep this kind of windfall curse.

What do you think? Has your job made you a more grounded person? And more importantly, what would you do with an extra $34 million in the bank??


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