Moonlighting: Nurses reveal their side jobs

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Nurses may have a good job outlook through 2018…but maybe your budget is a little tight on your nurse’s salary alone. Or perhaps you’re looking for a fun way to relax on the weekends—and make a little extra cash on the side. We asked our Facebook fans what kind of side jobs they have (or have had) to make some extra dough; check out their answers for some inspirations and, occasionally, warnings!

I give flu shots during flu season!
—Mary Buchman

Teaching childbirth classes.
—Kelly Eisenhardt Vittoria

Gave nightly injections to someone going through infertility treatments for both of her pregnancies.
—Stacey Trapp

I work per diem as a nurse at a correctional facility. I start training tomorrow.
—Martine Levy

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4 Responses to Moonlighting: Nurses reveal their side jobs

  1. Adam Miller

    I tutor on the weekends for college math students.

  2. nursingcorps

    I work weekends in a behavioral health unit. Mostly in the summer I work for nurses who want days off. I feel as if I have my own business being a registry. Love the flexibilty, and I can say NO whenever I need a rest, or work more when I need the dough!

  3. Nurse Ginger

    I serve as medical consultant/on-screen nurse for various TV shows and movies that film in the area.