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Moonlighting: Nurses reveal their side jobs


—Shari Camarata

I keep a side job, always have. I like to do home care through an agency. It’s flexible—I schedule patients around my work and life!
—Mandi Fay

I worked at a local gas station in the morning making breakfast foods and doughnuts! It was quite a change from nursing, but I totally enjoyed it. I still had a lot of interactions with people in the morning on their way to work…that made it fun!
—Dena Kerschner

Walmart—hated it!!!
—Sandra Rojas Chamberlain

The Disney Store.
—Denise Adams

I’ve been a tax preparer at Jackson Hewitt every year for the past three tax seasons.
—Vicki Bockheim McDaniel

I help my husband with our photography business.
—Mary K. Miller

Party planner.
—Aminah Roberts

Have my own business…stripping and waxing floors. It’s mindless and therefore enjoyable.
—Corinna Laub Barger

Food Industry
Vegetarian/vegan catering and holistic pet food rep.
—Michelle Lippe

Helping a vendor sell produce and plants on the local farmers’ market.
—Sandra Collins

I work at a gourmet cupcake shop on weekends. I make some extra money, get to do something that I enjoy and get out my creative energy (and it doesn’t involve any life-or-death decision making on my part!).
—Andrea Barnes

Cook at major pizza chain through nursing school.
—Rene W. Neville

Certified personal trainer.
—Jeannine Quinn-Metz

Scuba instructor.
—Megan Ballard

Taught English subjects (grammar, creative writing, American accent training, speech and pronunciation classes, and English as a Second Language) to foreign university, kids and adults. I loved doing it!
—Marygrace Garde

Shoveled horse manure. Top that one.
—Les Seay

Aesthetician and nail tech.
—Laura Lee Miracle

I make and sell baby quilts and memory quilts.
—Cynthia Friend Thomas

I was a CNA for years before going on to get my LPN, but I’ve also worked second jobs as an auto mechanic (helped me through nursing school—I’d find a car part that matched functions with human organs and simplify the human organ down to the same thing as the car part) and sold auto parts at a national chain.
—John Mansky

What kind of side jobs do you have (or have you had) to make some extra dough?

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