MTV premiering reality show about nurses

Creative Commons | iStockphoto | ThinkStock + Scrubs

Creative Commons | iStockphoto | ThinkStock + Scrubs

MTV recently announced its new slate of shows set to debut in September, and one of its new reality shows might actually interest you! Titled Nurse Nation, the series will follow real travel and agency nurses setting up camp at their brand-new hospitals.

Here’s MTV’s teaser for the show:

Nurse Nation is a new docu-series that follows nine twenty-something travel nurses all assigned to work at a new hospital in a brand new city for 13 weeks. Some of them have been doing this for years, while others are on their first tour. Cameras will be there every step of the way as they take on the unique challenges and intense pressures of working in the medical profession as they face life or death decisions every day. But it’s not ‘all work and no play.’ On days off, they take advantage of all that their host city has to offer, meet new people and potential new loves while often trying to keep previous relationships and friendships alive. It’s the ultimate ‘work-hard/play-hard’ lifestyle.”

There have been fictional series about nurses before (hello, Nurse Jackie fans!), but this is the first major reality series about the nursing profession. No additional details or a premiere date have been announced, but we can’t wait to tune in and see what it’s all about. You can follow the show here.

Hit the comments and let us know if you plan on tuning in and what your favorite TV shows, past and present, about nurses are!


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9 Responses to MTV premiering reality show about nurses

  1. ms-ellie

    Best show ever about nurses …. China Beach. Think I’ll skip MTV’s offering, as reality shows are anything but real.

  2. bloodnguts

    Why twenty something’s? Get some seasoned RN’s in there if you want a reality show. Those kids are still wet behind the ears. Unless you’re reality is that all nurses are young, perky, and out to bag a resident. In that case, I’ll pass. Follow our nurses in uniform in the desert. THAT’S reality.

  3. carollynnSKJ Caption Contest

    I agree. I loved China Beach. Was sad when it ended.

  4. RaNimal RN

    Kind of wondering how they will get past that little ole HIPPA thing….
    Hope they show the true nitty-gritty of what nursing is and not some glorified version.

  5. I’m terrified as to the potential ‘bad perception’ that this will give of Travel Nurses or our life-style. I agree with some of the other commenters that they should have chosen some experienced nurses if they really were after ‘reality’. Unfortunately, I fear that MTV will over-dramatize, over-sexualize, and under-emphasize the true REALITY.

  6. jguisao

    I have to agree with Ms Ellie … I hardly believe this will be actually reality. Will not be watching that crap.

  7. BetsceC

    I’m keeping an open mind for this show. Although, the show is to be presented on MTV, I’m willing to give them a break and see for myself. I know what you’re saying about MTV’s reputation but the Scrub’s editor wrote a rather nice article about the program and if it was truly a sham I’m sure the Editor would have written something differently. You mention something about these nurses should be “seasoned”. You know I received my RN at 21 yo so the twenty-something could be the latter 20’s thus a little seasoned. I’ll give you a review after I see the show and the “HIPPA’ they don’t necessarily have to say the name or chart of the patient, the pt could go by Mr. X. Have a great day:)

  8. BetsceC

    Oh, I forgot my favorite nurse show was …..ER…..the nurses in that program were at least portrayed as in the real world; short staffed, having more than enough people to look over and the assignment board to boot.

  9. Sally Clair

    Not impressed with this reality show ..I am a nurse it is demeaning I am a proud Canadian by the way ..go figure only in America ..almost as bad as the Kardashians