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MTV’s “Scrubbing In” gets premiere date and trailer




Back in August, we told you that MTV had announced a new reality show about traveling nurses, set to premiere this fall. Originally titled Nurse Nation, the new show – now called Scrubbing In – recently received a premiere date (October 24 at 10 PM), and a teaser trailer for the first season. MTV also has revamped the show’s description:

‘Scrubbing In’ follows a group of travel nurses assigned to work at an Orange County, CA hospital for 12 weeks. Relocating from across the country, these nurses have left their hometowns and lives behind for short-term hospital contracts, with the added benefit of exploring a new city. For Tyrice, Chris and Fernando, this isn’t their first tour and they’re considered experts of the program. For first-timers Adrian, Chelsey, Michelle, Crystal, Nikki and Heather, this is a new journey they’re embarking on together, looking for a change from their previous nursing jobs.

Watch the trailer below:

You can follow the show here on the official MTV site.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you think the show will negatively impact the public’s opinion of nurses? Will you be watching the show? Let us know in the comments!

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