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My 40-year love affair with nurses


Has it been one of those days when you wonder why you became a nurse in the first place? Between Code Brown cleanups and patients who won’t stop leaning on the call button, nursing often seems like the most thankless of jobs.
But if you need proof that you’re making an incredible difference in your patients’ lives, take a look at New York Times editor Dana Jenning’s blog post, “In Praise of Nurses” (published in the Fall 2011 issue of Scrubs magazine as “My 40-Year Love Affair with Nurses).

In the essay, Jennings, who has been hospitalized six times, recounts his medical emergencies. Who turns up over and over again to save the day (and his life)? Nurses, of course.

And who among us wouldn’t love an essay that starts with, “I love and admire nurses”?!


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