My first and last summer

August was a scorcher this year. But instead of staying in this year and studying, I soaked it up… the last few drops of summer sun before fall sets in. Well, I guess I have a bit longer, given that we don’t have “fall” here in Southern California. But this year it’s almost been bittersweet. This is the first summer vacation I’ve had in years! Ever since switching my major to nursing, I have worked around the calendar to make sure I get my units in and on time. I’ve worked through summer session and winter session, relishing in those 1 week breaks in between.
And now, I have the summer off. June through September with nothing left to worry about except the few odds and ends of life, and whether my pale skin might actually be able to hold a tan without burning to a crisp.  But it’s also my last summer. After September, I’m a full-time-licensed- working NURSE! And as excited I am about it, I’m realizing that this is the last stretch of time in my life without being fully employed or in school. I’m excited to start something new, but equally nostalgic about summers past.

Not only that, and this may sound trivial, but this is the first “back to school” season where I am not rushing out to Office Depot to grab all my school supplies! One of my favorite end-of-summer past times is getting ready for the year ahead (ok, yes, I am the nerd who likes going back to school). And for the first time, there are pens on sale and I’m not there buying them!

It’s the summer of last hurrahs, and I’m doing my best to make it 100% worth it. So far, so good. I’m focusing on enjoying the time with family and friends, some much needed catching up after the craziness of nursing school, and the craziness of working-nurse life that is to come.

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