My Lips WERE Sealed…Until 4AM

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In my current job, I’ve worked with the same group of women for about a year and a half. The other morning around 4AM a couple of them started asking questions about my life. Usually when things are “Q” on the unit, all sorts of info spills about my coworkers. We talk shop, we talk about each other (BOO!) and we talk about our lives.

Anyway, I realized during this particular conversation just how private I have been since starting this job!

Actually, I think it’s good to keep a certain amount of your personal life private. I don’t discuss how much I make, for instance.

I also don’t talk about my personal health, my marriage, etc.

This works for me.

So when we started talking all things personal, I actually decided to open up a bit for once.

My co-workers were surprised to learn that:

1. I put myself through school with a very lucrative (NOT) job at Glamour shots styling hair and doing make-up. I can roll hair and apply blue eye shadow like no other.
2. I write blogs for this magazine…not sure how they felt about that one.
3. I’ve been married for 17 years (got married at the ripe ol’ age of 21).
4. I used to be a writer and editor for my dad who has written and published nearly 50 books!
5. I “only” have an associate degree in nursing. SHOCKER!

The list of stuff I revealed ends there. Yup, I still have lots of secrets, and that’s a good thing. My coworkers don’t need to know me inside and out. They really just need to know that I take care of my patients and that I have their backs!

What kinds of things do you keep private about yourself at work? Are you planning a big reveal? 😉

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