“My patient called me…”

Image by: Thinkstock | Fuse

We all know that patients say some crazy things… but what happens when those crazy things are directed at YOU?! Once a nickname takes hold at work, it can be hard to shake off! Check out their hilarious answers (and yes, quite a few nicknames were created by those patients!).


“Phone whore!” We had a very confused patient and she insisted I stole her cell phone. When we called it, it was in her purse in her closet.
–Cori Sutphin

“Popsicle” Still don’t understand that one! This patient called me that for over a year!
–Yolanda Hodges-Jefferson

Working inpatient psych, I had someone who called me “Feets” (because she said I was looking at her  “Feets”) and then proceeded to chase me at a full-fledged run.
–Ashley Dawson Hardison

“Master Sergeant.”
–Tina Lucky

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