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“My patient called me…”


“Bubbles”…no idea where he got that, but the nickname stuck and others now call me that!
–Lynn Croman

I was passing meds and told an elderly, confused, hard-of-hearing patient that I was going to bring in her eye drops. She then proceeded to call me “Eye Doctor”  all night long; even when she had to be changed or had to pee, she would call out, asking for “Eye Doctor”
–Emily June Wickline

“Blonde”.. weird because I’m a brunette. LOL!
–Antonietta Riccardi-Lamberti

A patient with ICU psychosis called me “The Customer Service Rep.”
–Christine Thornton Chouinard

I had a psych patient call me a camel and then try to throw his water in my face because I needed water.
–Mary Lubow Buchman

I work in an ASC and we get our scrubs from a linen service. Lately the press job has been very poor and the scrubs are very wrinkled when we put them on. After getting a dose of Versed, one of my patients told me I looked like a blue scrotum. Oy!
–Carol Campbell

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