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“My patient called me…”


I work in a nursing home and there is one resident who calls me “Vampira” because it seems to her all I do is take blood from her for blood glucose checks!!!
–Chansiri Sirimongkhoune

An angry psych patient once called me “Satan-in-Drag.”
–Steve Dee

I was working the night shift with a newly diagnosed dementia patient who started seeing an elephant in the window. I moved away from the bedside to adjust the blinds on the window and he fussed because the elephant moved. It was then that I realized he had seen the reflection of my backside in the window…from that night on he called me “Elephant!”
–Brandie Montgomery Gillian

A “non-human.” I’m still not sure what that means….
–Rachel Wormann

“The commander of evil forces.” Still proud of that one!
–Ann Marie Amato

What’s the weirdest thing a patient has ever called you?

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