National Nurses United would be largest nurses union in US history

Massachusetts nurses are debating a plan to join National Nurses United, a new alliance that will be the largest nurses union in the United States.

The Massachusetts Nurses Association approved the plan earlier this month, voting to join the California Nurses Association and United American Nurses in creating a “super union.”  The new organization, which has scheduled a December founding convention in Phoenix, would represent 150,000 nurses and work to promote mandated staffing levels, universal healthcare and whistleblower protection.

But not all Massachusetts nurses are on board with the new plan.  Some nurses, including employees of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, worry about a loss of autonomy and a weakened position within the state.  They’re also against the proposed dues increase.

Anti-“super union” nurses hope to reverse the earlier approval with a mail-in vote regarding the dues increase.  Results should be available by November 10.




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One Response to National Nurses United would be largest nurses union in US history

  1. The major reason nurses are upset has to do with the vote location. When the current leaders of the MNA wanted to disaffiliate from the ANA they DEMANDED a revote, which would be held in a location in the center of Mass on a Saturday so that the majority of nurses (who work on a week day) go get out and vote. Nurses now want this same condition instead they refuse to listen to hundreds of nurses who signed a petition asking for a change in venue. The vote was held on a weekday down Cape Cod in one of the most remote locations in Mass. And that is why nurses are upset.

    The dues increase vote is being monitored by a company that is known for arbitration and not democratic vote count and ironically, the company is located in Cape Cod 5 mile from the MNA region 3 headquarters and the past MNA president works at Cape Cod hospital.

    What do you think of the company?