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Combating Traumatic Brain Injuries with Wearable Technologies

One company leading the charge on improving our understanding of TBIs is BlackBox Biometrics. The company has developed advanced technology that can measure the impact of concussive forces that often result in traumatic brain injuries. One of the company’s latest projects is the Linx Impact Assessment System (IAS). The IAS is designed to be worn with a headband or cap to monitor athletes. Thanks to its microelectromechanical system accelerometers, the Linx Impact Assessment System can track when an athlete gets hit on the head and how hard the impact is. From there, real-time data are relayed back to a smart device for analysis. During the analysis, one can determine the severity of a head injury and whether an athlete should seek medical attention.

While it’s great that companies are beginning to make advances in technology to help us better understand TBIs, there is still a lot of work to be done to make sure the injuries don’t happen as often.
How is your office raising awareness of traumatic brain injuries or encouraging brain health? Do you offer support to patients and their families who deal with TBIs?

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