National uniform causing irritation

Nurses in Wales began wearing national uniforms last month, but some nurses are irritated by the new uniforms. Literally.
The shift to a national uniform was the result of an analysis ordered by the Welsh government, which found much confusion over who’s who in the hospital. The new uniforms are color-coded (royal blue for clinical nurse specialists, hospital blue for staff nurses) and designed to prevent the spread of infection.  The uniform is short-sleeved and will be laundered on site, to prevent any contamination from entering or leaving the hospital.

Unfortunately, a number of nurses reported skin irritation after donning the new uniforms. Turns out the anti-creasing agent used on the uniforms contains formeldahyde, a potentially carcinogenic chemical. Alternative uniforms are available to affected nurses while the government investigates the problem.

Formeldahyde aside, what do you think of the idea of a national uniform?

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