NCLEX practice exam – 2013 series part 1

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A client with renovascular hypertension returns from having a renal arteriogram. The nurse should give priority to:

Anasarca, a characteristic finding in clients with nephritic syndrome, is due to renal changes that result in:

Which of the following findings is most typical of a client with a fractured hip?

A client receiving aminophylline complains of nausea and “feeling jittery.” The nurse’s first action should be to:

A gravida 2 para 0 is admitted from the ER with spontaneous rupture of membranes. She states that she has seen the doctor only twice during the pregnancy and that she is unsure of her exact due date. Exam reveals the presence of green-tinged fluid in the vaginal vault. The fetus is noted to be in a LOP position with an FHR of 110 BPM. Based on the assessment, the nurse suspects:

A male client is admitted for evaluation of a sudden hearing loss. No physical cause can be found for his sudden deafness; however, a friend reveals that the client’s fiancée recently canceled their engagement, saying that she needed more time to think about the marriage. The client’s deafness is an example of:

The best choice for the child following a tonsillectomy is:

The nurse is monitoring a client receiving an IV of Nipride in D5W. The IV bag has a foil covering, and the nurse notes that the IV fluid has a light brownish tint. The nurse should:

A client is admitted to the ER with reported heroin intoxication. Which of the following signs is consistent with opiate use?

A client with seizure disorder has an order for Dilantin (phenyltoin) IVP. The nurse knows that Dilantin should:

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