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NCLEX practice exam: Integumentary


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iStockphoto | ThinkStock

Do you think you could pass the NCLEX?

Take this quiz with these sample exam questions on integumentary to see how you score!

[10 questions]

Which of the following clients are at greatest risk for skin cancer?

The prognosis of malignant melanoma depends primarily on:

An unlicensed assistive personnel massages the reddened bony prominences on an elderly client. This client is ordered to be on bed rest. The nurse should educate the client and assistive personnel that:

Which of the following clients is at greatest risk for impaired wound healing after abdominal surgery?

While assessing a dark-skinned client’s Stage I pressure ulcer, the nurse should:

An elderly client complains of being cold in spite of a room temperature of 76° F (25°C). The nurse understands that this is:

The priority nursing diagnosis for a client with pruritus who constantly scratches affected areas and appears agitated about the itching sensation would be:

A Stage II pressure ulcer is characterized by:

A client arrives at the emergency department with burns on the anterior surfaces of his right leg, right arm, and upper chest. Using the rule of nines, what percentage of this client’s body surface has been burned?

An elderly client is brought into the urgent care clinic by his son. The client has first- and second-degree scald burns over hands and forearms. What should the nurse do first?


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