NCLEX practice exam: Spine

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Take this quiz with these sample exam questions on spine to see how you score!

[10 questions]

Which of the following activities should a client with low back pain be instructed to avoid?

A male client attempts to get out of bed, but complains of lower back pain. Which action should the nurse take last?

A client has a ruptured disc at S5-L1 right. For greatest comfort, the nurse should position this client:

A myelogram for a client with a herniated disc includes radiographs taken after the injection of:

A client complains of numbness from the back of his right buttock to the dorsum of his foot and big toe, and has been scheduled for surgery. Which of the following surgical interventions should be listed on his consent form?

A client is on the first post-operative day following a spinal fusion. Which of the following signs could indicate the development of a complication?

Which of the following assessment details would be most likely to be found in a client with cord transection above T5?

Muscle spasms of the legs during rehabilitation therapy of a client one month after a spinal cord injury indicate the client:

An ambulatory client is wearing a halo vest following a cervical spine fracture. Which of the following should the nurse instruct the client NOT to do?

A client undergoes spinal fusion with rod insertion. Upon arrival to the unit from postanesthesia care, the nurse should use which of the following transfer techniques to move the client from the stretcher to the bed?

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