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A 70-year-old male who is recovering from a stroke exhibits signs of unilateral neglect. Which behavior is suggestive of unilateral neglect?

A client with acute leukemia develops a low white blood cell count. In addition to the institution of isolation, the nurse should:

A new nursing graduate indicates in charting entries that he is a licensed registered nurse, although he has not yet received the results of the licensing exam. The graduate’s action can result in a charge of:

The nurse is assigning staff for the day. Which client should be assigned to the nursing assistant?

During the change of shift, the oncoming nurse notes a discrepancy in the number of Percocet listed and the number present in the narcotic drawer. The nurse’s first action should be to:

Due to a high census, it has been necessary for a number of clients to be transferred to other units within the hospital. Which client should be transferred to the postpartum unit?

A client with glomerulonephritis is placed on a low-sodium diet. Which of the following snacks is suitable for the client with sodium restriction?

A home health nurse is making preparations for morning visits. Which one of the following clients should the nurse visit first?

A client with cancer develops xerostomia. The nurse can help alleviate the discomfort the client is experiencing associated with xerostomia by:

The nurse is making assignments for the day. The staff consists of an RN, an LPN, and a nursing assistant. Which client could the nursing assistant care for?

The nurse is caring for a client with cerebral palsy. The nurse should provide frequent rest periods because:

The physician has ordered a culture for the client with suspected gonorrhea. The nurse should obtain a culture of:

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