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Which of the following post-operative diets is most appropriate for the client who has had a hemorrhoidectomy?

The client delivered a nine-pound infant two days ago. An effective means of managing discomfort from an episiotomy is:

The nurse is assessing the client recently returned from surgery. The nurse is aware that the best way to assess pain is to:

The client is admitted with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Blood gases reveal pH 7.36, CO2 45, O2 84, bicarb 28. The nurse would assess the client to be in:

The schizophrenic client has become disruptive and requires seclusion. Which staff member can institute seclusion?

The physician has ordered sodium warfarin for the client with thrombophlebitis. The order should be entered to administer the medication at:

A 25-year-old male is brought to the emergency room with a piece of metal in his eye. The first action the nurse should take is:

To ensure safety while administering a nitroglycerin patch, the nurse should:

The client with cirrhosis is scheduled for a paracentesis. Which instruction should be given to the client before the exam?

The client is scheduled for a Tensilon test to check for myasthenia gravis. Which medication should be kept available during the test?

The first exercise that should be performed by the client who had a mastectomy one day earlier is:

Which woman is not a candidate for RhoGAM?

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