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A client visits the clinic after the death of a parent. Which statement made by the client’s sister signifies abnormal grieving?

The nurse is obtaining a history on an 80-year-old client. Which statement made by the client might indicate a potential for fluid and electrolyte imbalance?

A client is admitted to the acute care unit. Initial laboratory values reveal serum sodium of 170meq/L. What behavior changes would be most common for this client?

When assessing a client for risk of hyperphosphatemia, which piece of information is most important for the nurse to obtain?

The nurse on the 3–11 shift is assessing the chart of a client with an abdominal aneurysm scheduled for surgery in the morning and finds that the consent form has been signed, but the client is unclear about the surgery and possible complications. Which is the most appropriate action?

The nurse is preparing a client for surgery. Which item is most important to remove before sending the client to surgery?

A client is two days post-operative colon resection. After a coughing episode, the client’s wound eviscerates. Which nursing action is most appropriate?

The nurse is caring for a client with a malignancy. The classification of the primary tumor is Tis. The nurse should plan care for a tumor:

A client with cancer is to undergo an intravenous pyelogram. The nurse should:

A client arrives in the emergency room with a possible fractured femur. The nurse should anticipate an order for:

The nurse is performing an assessment on a client with possible pernicious anemia. Which data would support this diagnosis?

A client with suspected renal disease is to undergo a renal biopsy. The nurse plans to include which statement in the teaching session?

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NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Exam Cram, 3rd Edition 

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