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NCLEX practice exam XVIII


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[12 questions]

The nurse on oncology is caring for a client with a white blood count of 600. During evening visitation, a visitor brings a potted plant. What action should the nurse take?

The nurse is caring for the client following a thyroidectomy when suddenly the client becomes nonresponsive and pale, with a BP of 60 systolic. The nurse’s initial action should be to:

The client pulls out the chest tube and fails to report the occurrence to the nurse. When the nurse discovers the incidence, he should take which initial action?

A client being treated with sodium warfarin has an INR of 8.0. Which intervention would be most important to include in the nursing care plan?

Which snack selection by a client with osteoporosis indicates that the client understands the dietary management of the disease?

The client with preeclampsia is admitted to the unit with an order for magnesium sulfate IV. Which action by the nurse indicates a lack of understanding of magnesium sulfate?

The nurse is caring for a 12-year-old client with appendicitis. The client’s mother is a Jehovah’s Witness and refuses to sign the blood permit. What nursing action is most appropriate?

A client is admitted to the unit two hours after an injury with second-degree burns to the face, trunk, and head. The nurse would be most concerned with the client developing what?

The nurse is evaluating nutritional outcomes for an elderly client with anorexia nervosa. Which data best indicates that the plan of care is effective?

The client is admitted following repair of a fractured tibia and cast application. Which nursing assessment should be reported to the doctor?

The client is having a cardiac catheterization. During the procedure, the client tells the nurse, “I’m feeling really hot.” Which response would be best?

Which action by the healthcare worker indicates a need for further teaching?

Study material provided by NCLEX-RN Exam Cram, published by Pearson IT Certification. Part of the Exam Cram series.

Pearson IT Certification is a publishing imprint born of a tradition of proven learning tools and educational training materials such as NCLEX-RN Exam Cram (ISBN-10: 0-7897-4483-X) that have helped generations of certification exam candidates succeed. Tapping into the exciting new opportunities provided by the technology advances of online learning and web-based services, Pearson has created a suite of products and solutions that address the learning, preparation and practice needs of a new generation of certification candidates. Pearson IT Certification delivers learning formats ranging from books to online learning and practice services, network simulators and video training.

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NCLEX-RN Practice Questions Exam Cram, 3rd Edition 

By Wilda Rinehart, Diann Sloan, Clara Hurd, Rinehart & Associates

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