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A gravida II para 0 is admitted to the labor and delivery unit. The doctor performs an amniotomy. Which observation would the nurse expect to make immediately after the amniotomy?

The client is admitted to the unit. A vaginal exam reveals that she is 3cm dilated. Which of the following statements would the nurse expect her to make?

The client is having fetal heart rates of 100–110 beats per min- ute during the contractions. The first action the nurse should take is to:

In evaluating the effectiveness of IV Pitocin for a client with secondary dystocia, the nurse should expect:

A vaginal exam reveals a breech presentation in a newly admitted client. The nurse should take which of the following actions at this time?

The nurse is caring for a client admitted to labor and delivery. The nurse is aware that the infant is in distress if she notes:

The following are all nursing diagnoses appropriate for a gravida 4 para 3 in labor. Which one would be most appropriate for the client as she completes the latent phase of labor?

As the client reaches 8cm dilation, the nurse notes a pattern on the fetal monitor that shows a drop in the fetal heart rate of 30bpm beginning at the peak of the contraction and ending at the end of the contraction. The FHR baseline is 165–175bpm with variability of 0–2bpm. What is the most likely explanation of this pattern?

The nurse notes variable decelerations on the fetal monitor strip. The most appropriate initial action would be to:

Which of the following is a characteristic of a reassuring fetal heart rate pattern?

The nurse asks the client with an epidural anesthesia to void every hour during labor. The rationale for this intervention is:

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