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NCLEX quiz: Cancer risks and screening procedures


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Monkey Business | ThinkStock

Do you think you could pass the NCLEX?

Take this quiz with these sample exam questions to see how you score!

[10 questions]



Which of the following clients is at highest risk for colorectal cancer?

Which of the following clients is at highest risk for skin cancer?

When discussing breast cancer information with a group of African American women, the nurse should consider that African American women:

Which stage of carcinogenesis is irreversible?

Which of the following groups would benefit the most from a lecture on reducing risk of melanoma?

A 26-year-old client undergoes bone marrow aspiration to evaluate for lymphoma. Which of the following statements by the client would indicate a need for reeducation by the nurse?

The number of people with cancer at a given time is known as:

A nurse examines a female client for breast disease. In which area of the breast are tumors most commonly found?

The current screening guidelines for Pap smears from the American Cancer Society (ACS) state that these smears:

Clients at risk for lung cancer usually have a computed tomography (CT) scan as part of their initial workups. The best reason is that CT scans:


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