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NCLEX quiz: Chemotherapy and radiation treatments


Monkey Business | ThinkStock

Monkey Business | ThinkStock

Do you think you could pass the NCLEX?

Take this quiz with these sample exam questions to see how you score!

[10 questions]



A 78-year-old male is receiving chemotherapy and states his appetite has left. Which of the following meals would be the best for this client?

A female client undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer is distressed about hair loss. The most effective intervention by the nurse would be to:

A client is taking vincristine (Oncovin). The nurse should instruct the client:

A 56-year-old client has lost 34 pounds since the start of chemotherapy for colon cancer. Which of the following laboratory findings should be reported to the health care provider?

A client’s absolute neutrophil count is less than 1000/mm3 during a course of chemotherapy. Which of the following interventions would be most appropriate for the nurse to implement?

Which sign or symptom is the most reliable early indicator of infection in a client with neutropenia?

A client informs the nurse that she is using herbal remedies in addition to her chemotherapy medications. The nurse should:

A nurse is providing teaching to a client beginning external beam radiation therapy to the right axilla. The nurse should emphasize:

A female client is receiving radiation therapy to her chest wall for recurrent breast cancer. Her chart notes that she has also been diagnosed with esophagitis. Which of the following symptoms would this client most likely exhibit?

Which statement would be most accurate to include in the teaching plan for a sexually active 32-year-old female who is scheduled to receive external radiation and a cesium implant to treat cervical cancer?


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