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NCLEX quiz: General management of oncologic clients


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iStockphoto | ThinkStock

Do you think you could pass the NCLEX?

Take this quiz with these sample exam questions to see how you score!

[10 questions]



A nurse makes follow-up calls to clients being treated for cancer. Which of the following clients should receive a call LAST?

A client receiving chemotherapy has a white blood cell (WBC) count of 2500/mm3, hemoglobin of 8.9 g/dL, platelet count of 40,000/mm3, and potassium of 3.4. Which of the following should the nurse address first?

A client with metastatic lung cancer has difficulty breathing. Which nursing intervention would be most helpful for this client?

Which of the following activities should the client with thrombocytopenia be instructed to avoid?

A 65-year-old client with lung cancer recently had a left pneumonectomy. He is readmitted with dyspnea and fever. The nurse should:

A client in hospice is experiencing nausea and vomiting from a partial bowel obstruction. To respect client wishes for conservative management, the nurse should recommend:

A client needs to improve independence in activities of daily living following radiation therapy. Which nursing intervention would be most appropriate?

A client with advanced liver cancer has poor nutrition. Which of the following outcomes is realistic for this client?

A client who recently had a right hemicolectomy is having difficulty maintaining an adequate oral intake to promote healing. Which nutritional method would be most appropriate for this client?

A 64-year-old male has just had a sclerosing agent instilled after chest tube drainage of a pleural effusion. The nurse should instruct the client to:


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