NCLEX quiz: How prepared are you?

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Are you ready to take the NCLEX? Here are 10 questions from a wide mixture of topics to see how well you’ve covered your ground. Get yourself a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and see how you do!

A client with COPD is admitted with a serum carbon-dioxide content level of 42 mEq/L, oxygen saturation of 86 percent and a blood glucose level of 190 mg/dl. The nurse is aware that the client’s condition might require which of the following?

A client admitted with hypokalemia has an order for potassium to be administered orally. Prior to administering the potassium, the nurse should:

A client is admitted with Cushing’s disease. The nurse is aware that clients with an adrenal disorder such as Cushing’s disease will most likely exhibit signs of:

A client with peripheral vascular disease is diagnosed with intermittent claudication. Which action by the nurse would help the client to relieve symptoms of intermittent claudication?

A client has a femoral popliteal bypass graft. Which instruction should be given to the client prior to discharge?

Which instruction should be given to a client being discharged after a myocardial infarction?

A client is admitted to the unit for treatment of a prolactinoma. Which symptom is associated with a prolactinoma?

A client with myxedema is being treated with synthetic thyroid medication. Which instruction should be given to the client taking thyroid medication?

A client is seen in the clinic with complaint of fatigue, dry skin and extreme thirst. Which test would best indicate the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus?

The nursing assistant is cleaning the floor where a urinary spill has occurred. Which action by the nursing assistant indicates understanding of standard precautions? The nursing assistant obtains a solution of:

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