NCLEX quiz: infections

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As nurses we are confronted with infectious diseases from MRSA to serious illnesses like AIDS.

How much do you remember about immunology and infections?

Let’s see how you do with these infection-related NCLEX questions.

The client is admitted with pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. The nurse is aware that the physician will most likely order:

The client with HIV is afraid of contracting toxoplasmosis. Which instruction should be given to the client to help decrease the chances of contracting toxoplasmosis?

Which sign is an early indicator of infection in the client who is immune-suppressed?

The client with genital herpes is seen in the clinic with an active lesion. The nurse should anticipate an order for:

The client with Clostridium difficile is admitted to the unit. To prevent the transmission of Clostridium difficile to the immune-suppressed client, the nurse should use

Which nursing intervention would be most beneficial in preparing the client psychologically for a diagnosis of HIV?

The client is admitted to the emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain. A diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease is made. Which finding is often associated with pelvic inflammatory disease?

The client with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is being treated with metronidazole (Flagyl) for a protozoal infection. Which instruction should be given to the client taking metronidazole (Flagyl)?

Which client problem relating to altered nutrition is a consequence of AIDS?

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