NCLEX: Lab and test results pop quiz!

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Remember school days when a teacher would be discussing something and someone would invariably pipe up and ask, “Will this be on the exam?” Or how about those nursing teachers who loved to spring pop quizzes on unsuspecting nursing students? Whether you graduated last year or 25 years ago, some student memories are hard to shake. And here we are helping you bring back those memories!

A client is admitted with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The client’s laboratory values reveal a CO2 level of 49 mEq/L. The HCO3 level is 26 mEq/L, and the pH is 7.32. The nurse is aware that these laboratory values reveal:

The nurse is performing an ECG tracing on a client with a history of cardiac disease. Where should the nurse apply the negative lead?

After a client’s cardiac catheterization where the femoral artery is used as the access vessel, the nurse should:

The nurse is assessing the client for Trousseau’s sign. Which finding indicates a positive Trousseau sign?

A client with diabetes presents to the emergency department with pupils dilated. Which action by the nurse indicates understanding of the client’s presenting symptom?

A screen test for detection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) reveals a positive ELISA test. Which test will be used to confirm the diagnosis of HIV?

A pregnant client has an Alpha Feta protein level drawn to check for a neural tube defect. The nurse should explain to the client that:

While the client is taking Digoxin (digitalis), the nurse should check the client’s laboratory values. Which laboratory value should be reported to the doctor?

A client with head trauma is admitted following a motor vehicle accident. The nurse notes 5,000 ml of dilute urinary output within three hours of admission. Which finding would support a diagnosis of diabetes insipidus?

Which of the following laboratory results indicates hypoparathyroidism?

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