NCLEX quiz: Legal, ethical and safety implications of surgery

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[10 questions]

When a client arrives in the preoperative suite, the nurse asks the client if he has any allergies. The client responds that he doesn’t feel safe because no one seems to be communicating that information about him to each other. The nurse’s best response is:

Which nurse is responsible for starting a client’s discharge planning?

A nurse is preparing to administer a preoperative sedative medication. Which of the following interventions should be completed prior to administration?

Which of the following clients is at higher risk for the development of a latex allergy?

The nurse reviews a same-day surgery client’s identifying information. Which of the following is the most important?

Which of the following is not necessary to have on the chart prior to the client going to surgery?

A 14-year-old male requires emergency surgery, but family lives more than an hour away from the hospital. The client is accompanied by a 21-year-old cousin, and a 16-year-old brother. The best course of action is to:

A nurse evaluates a client’s understanding of informed consent in preparation for a brain tumor removal via craniotomy. The client states, “This surgery is low risk for me.” The nurse should:

All clients over the age of 65 should be asked if they have:

In order to obtain consent from a client who cannot read or write, the nurse should do all of the following EXCEPT:

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