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If you’ve been nursing in one area for quite a while, you can’t be expected to remember the smallest details of care in another specialty, but you’d be surprised by how many answers stay with you! Take our quiz and test how much you know about medications and IVs for all different sorts of patients.


 The client is admitted with isotonic dehydration. The nurse would anticipate an order for which IV fluid?

The nurse is preparing to administer potassium to the client with hypokalemia. The best liquid for the nurse to dilute the potassium in is:

The client with hypoparathyroidism is admitted with a calcium level of 7.6 mg/dL. The nurse should anticipate an order for which of the following medications?

The client has an order for furosemide (Lasix) to be taken every morning. Which food contains the most potassium?

The client with angina should be taught to take nitroglycerine sublingually with the onset of the first signs of chest pain. Which instructions should be included with your teaching plan?

Which of the following should be kept available when intravenous magnesium is ordered?

The nurse is checking the pulse rate of a six-week-old patient with aortic stenosis who has an order for digitalis. The client’s pulse rate is found to be 82 beats per minute. Which action is most appropriate?

The client with AIDS is being treated with highly active retroviral therapy (HAART). The nurse is aware that HAART comprises:

The physician has ordered magnesium sulfate for the client with preeclampsia. Which action should be taken prior to beginning the magnesium sulfate?

The 50-year-old client is seen in the gynecologic office with complaint of hot flashes. Which medication is often prescribed for the control of hot flashes?

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