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NCLEX quiz: Perinatal safety and administration

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iStockphoto | ThinkStock

Do you think you could pass the NCLEX?

Take this quiz with these sample exam questions to see how you score!

[10 questions]

The nurse in obstetrical triage evaluates 4 clients. Which of the following should be attended to first?

Several clients have had antenatal testing completed. Which results would prompt the nurse to notify the health care provider?

During teaching, the nurse instructs a primagravid client that folic supplements are recommended in order to prevent neural tube defects, as well as:

A pregnant client calls her obstetric office and informs the nurse that she cannot afford the prescribed prenatal vitamins. The nurse should refer this client to:

Which of the following obstetric patients would be acceptable to assign to a licensed practical nurse (LPN)?

A client who received an epidural during delivery requests to use the restroom 45 minutes after delivery. In order to provide the safest care, the nurse should:

While addressing the needs of a client with postpartum hemorrhage, the health care provider verbally ordered Methergine 0.2 mg intramuscularly (IM), and the dose was administered by the nurse. During chart review, the nurse notes the order entered into the electronic medical record by the health care provider as Methergine 0.2 mg PO. The nurse should:

A client is unable to void 9 hours after delivery. As the nurse cleanses the meatus, the client asks, “Are you using Betadine?” The nurse realizes the client may be reacting to the cleansing agent. Which of the following should the nurse do first?

A nurse is walking down a corridor of the hospital when a Code Pink alarm sounds on the loudspeaker system. The nurse should first:

The nurse on a mother-baby unit has the following tasks to complete from 5 am to 7 am. Which task should be completed SECOND?


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