NCLEX quiz: Perioperative medications

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iStockphoto | ThinkStock

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[10 questions]

Which of the following liquid anesthesia agents are most commonly used for surgical clients who go home the same day of surgery?

Atropine sulfate (Atropine) may be administered to which of the following clients?

When administering intravenous midazolam hydrochloride (Versed), the nurse should:

Following the administration of intravenous midazolam hydrochloride (Versed), the client shows signs of overdose. The nurse should collaborate with the surgical/anesthesia teams to first:

A client has received a propofol (Diprovan) induction of anesthesia. The nurse expects the client will most likely experience:

Which of the following medications commonly used in anesthesia should be avoided in a client with impaired cardiac functioning?

Following adminstration of naloxone (Narcan) to reverse the respiratory depression from morphine, the nurse should:

Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps are appropriate for clients who:

Which of the following complications may arise from the use of naloxone (Narcan)?

The nurse prepares to administer flumazenil (Mazicon) for sedation reversal. Which of the following actions is inappropriate when administering this medication?

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