NCLEX quiz: Prioritization, delegation and communication safety

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Do you think you could pass the NCLEX?

Take this quiz with these sample exam questions to see how you score!

[10 questions]

The nurse advises unlicensed personnel to provide oral hygiene for clients who are unable to perform it for themselves. Which technique should be emphasized?

Which of the following resources would provide the most current standards of care information for nursing practice?

A client admitted for a myocardial infarction is now stable. Appropriate activities to assign to unlicensed personnel would include all the following EXCEPT:

A client’s total parenteral nutrition (TPN) infusion rate was too slow, and is now 3 hours behind schedule. The nurse should:

A telephonic case management nurse notes that a cardiac client’s weight has increased 5 pounds in the last two days and the client’s blood pressure is elevated, as measured by the client’s home telephonic equipment. When calling the client to evaluate, which of the following questions should the nurse ask FIRST?

A major hospital has received notification of a mass casualty event in the area. Which of the following actions should a charge nurse of an inpatient neurovascular floor do FIRST?

Two clients have orders for blood transfusions. The first client is dehydrated and anemic secondary to pneumonia. The second client is postoperative with a blood pressure change from 134/62 preoperatively to 102/48 currently. The nurse should:

Which of the following interventions is most important when working with a rape victim?

In an effort to update the practice of unit nurses, which of the following methods is likely to be most effective and efficient for reeducating staff on the unit?

An emergency nurse is injured while restraining a client. The nurse manager debriefs uninjured personnel, and addresses which of the following about the injured coworker?

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