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Knowing how to react and knowing what decisions to make in different situations as it pertains to administering vitamins to a patient is vital. Let’s see how your knowledge stands up to today’s NCLEX quiz.


A client with hypercholesterolemia asks about vitamins that can help lower his cholesterol. Which vitamin has been shown to be helpful in lowering cholesterol levels?

A client is admitted with a magnesium level of 10.0 mEq/L. Which sign indicates that the client has a toxic level of magnesium?

Which staff member would be least appropriate to assign to the client receiving magnesium intravenously?

Which of the following should be kept available when intravenous magnesium is ordered?

Which breakfast selection would be best for the client taking digitalis (Lanoxin)?

The client is discharged with a prescription for sodium warfarin (Coumadin). The nurse should instruct the client to:

The client is seen in the clinic with a diagnosis of myxedema. Which food choice would be best for this client?

Which fruit is the best choice for a client who is immune-suppressed because he has HIV?

The nurse is teaching a mother how to care for her infant who has hyperbilirubinemia. Which instruction regarding the best way to resolve the problem of physiologic jaundice should be included in the teaching?

The nurse is administering MgSO4 to the client with preterm labor. If the client develops toxicity to the MgSO4, the nurse should administer:

Study material provided by NCLEX-RN Exam Prep:

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