Need a Mask? Raising Money for Holly’s Heroes


Holly Clark-Newberry is currently being treated for a rare type of pediatric renal cancer after being misdiagnosed earlier this year. With weeks of chemotherapy and radiation ahead of her, the family is doing everything it can to raise money for her treatment as well as a number of home renovations that are necessary in order to bring her back home safely, including ventilation, air purifiers, and generators for keeping her connected to life-saving equipment.

Taking care of a terminally ill child amid a pandemic isn’t something any parent is fully prepared to do. To raise money for their daughter, Aimee and Tara Clark-Newberry have started making their own line of face masks. Breathable and secure, these masks are currently being used in over 380 hospitals across seven countries.

Learn more about Holly’s tragic story and how you can make a difference.

A Tragic Misdiagnosis

Holly has always been known as a sweet, loving young girl and a passionate Arianna Grande fan. She’s also a proud Girl Scout Daisy, and she can’t wait to get back to her troop. When she was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, it was a painful shock to the entire family, and the pandemic only fueled their concerns.

Her mothers took her to the hospital back in May. The surgeon on the job at the time felt that she was healthy. However, she landed back in the hospital several weeks later after her parents noticed she wasn’t eating as much, she was constantly fatigued, and was suffering from stomach pain. Again, the surgeon wasn’t concerned, even though the lab work showed that Holly’s kidney was enlarged.

To get a second opinion, her mothers took her to a pediatrician. A repeat CT scan revealed a massive tumor and the doctor took her to the ER right away. Multiple doctors then tried to come up with a diagnosis. One said the lump might have been hematoma, while another said it was just a mass. But either way, they agreed it had to be removed immediately.

Holly finally underwent surgery several days later. It was then that her parents found out that her midsection showed malignancy, which means the surgeons wouldn’t be able to close her abdomen. In addition to the tumor, she now suffers from adhesions. They couldn’t remove the tumor due to the pressure and swelling in her abdomen.

Currently, Holly remains on a ventilator as the family tries to deal with this crisis in isolation. The pandemic keeps them separated from friends and family in other parts of the country. Confused, angry, and afraid for their daughter, the family is now asking for help on their GoFundMe campaign: Holly’s Heroes.

The family needs to make extensive alterations to their house to bring their daughter home from the hospital. This includes ripping up old carpet that’s difficult to clean and installing air filters and purifiers to limit the spread of respiratory droplets that can lead to infection. Her parents have to be extra careful to make sure they don’t bring any disease home with them. They also need money for PPE, plastic dividers, special ducts, and a generator to keep Holly hooked up to a ventilator.

Visitors aren’t allowed in the hospital in Las Vegas where she is being treated. Bringing her home is the only way to keep the family together during the pandemic.

Holly’s Hero Masks

If you want to donate to the family, you can either give directly to the GoFundMe campaign or buy a Holly’s Hero face mask online at Brave Gowns.

These masks aren’t just about donating to a family in need. Made with secure, breathable fabric, they are also designed to keep you safe. The material pulls moisture away from the skin, so the mask doesn’t get wet. They were created by some of the brightest minds in the manufacturing industry, including an industrial designer, engineers, fabric specialists, and retail professionals.

The masks are available in both child and adult size, so you can keep the entire family safe. If you’re looking for a face mask, why not donate to a good cause at the same time?

We are wishing Holly and her family the best during the difficult time. Spread the word about this important campaign online, so we can get Holly the care she needs.


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