Networking tips to help you land a better job III

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We recently passed along some tips about networking via Alicia-joy from Transitions in Nursing. In the initial post, Alicia-joy focused on thinking about how to use who you already know to help you get ahead and snag your dream job. In part two, she showed you how to get close to those who you want to know. Now, in part three, she’s talking about how to implement a successful follow-up system. Check out some of her advice below:

This week is all about following up. Reconnecting with people in your network and expanding your network are both great. Nevertheless, all of that is pretty much useless if you do not have a good system for following up.

I call it a system because I find that creating systems is the #1 way to create positive habits, and save time and energy.

Here are some tips for creating a follow-up system:

1. If you are going to a networking event/conference/job fair/etc., have a post-event plan regarding the people you will meet there. How do you plan to follow up? When do you want to follow up? Will you add their information to your contact management database? A spreadsheet? A business card organizer? Have a plan.

2. Follow the plan. Reach out and reconnect with the people you met. Simple enough.

3. Rinse and repeat all previous steps. Whether you reconnected with a prior contact or you connected with a new contact you met at a meeting, set the next follow-up on your calendar. Plan to connect with them again at a set date and time and actually schedule that on your calendar/phone/reminder system.

To read the rest of her advice, head on over to Transitions in Nursing. You can also check out the final segment of networking advice in step four, posted as an audio briefing! Then let us know your own tips for networking your way into a better job in the comments below!

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