New glasses to let you see patients’ veins through skin?


Tired of not being able to find a vein? Those days may soon be behind you.

Eyes-On Glasses reportedly allow nurses to “see” veins through multi-spectral 3-D images. Nurses see the patient’s skin as it is through the clear lens of the glasses, but also see the camera’s processed image of the veins overlaid on the skin. Evena Medical, the company that produces the glasses, says the product allows nurses to quickly and easily find veins in most patients.

It should be noted that Eyes-On Glasses are not yet for sale. While they are expected to be on the market by the first quarter of next year, the company points out in an interestingly worded note on its website that its other product featuring imaging technology “is not available in the U.S., EU and many other developed nations.”

Another point of note is that you wouldn’t be likely to find these glasses on any fashion runway, though that certainly will be of less concern if we actually find these available to use in our workplaces. Until then, however, we must continue our dreams of a day when we never again will have to search for the elusive vein.

What do you think: if these glasses become available, would you try a pair? Or would you rather find veins on your own? Sound off in the comments below!


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