New programs have nurses making house calls

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The Cedars-Sinai Medical Network has started a program that sends medical staff on periodic house calls to selected patients who have been discharged from the hospital, in order to help avoid unnecessary readmission.

Other hospitals have similar programs, in part as a response to a provision of the Affordable Care Act that can fine hospitals with high readmission rates. The Cedars-Sinai program recently was featured in the following video on the CBS Evening News.

What do you think about the house call programs? Will it actually save hospitals money?

And we couldn’t help but notice that the nurse in the video isn’t wearing scrubs. Do you think nurses making house calls should be able to ditch their scrubs and wear what they want? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Responses to New programs have nurses making house calls

  1. susanm

    I think it’s a great idea. We have long needed a true palliative care program. I have made housecalls for many years as a home health nurse and now as a hospice nurse. This program should not include the strict medicare requirements for those services, but provide more of a palliative approach. As for scrubs or uniform, no. It’s not needed in home care but a visiting nurse should have a professional appearance.

  2. rebeccah_rn

    This is what I do daily as a home health case manager. And the nurse in question is wearing a new style of scrubs. You know the ones that you would actually want to wear outside of the hospital. Some of mine are so comfortable, I wear them on my days off!