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News for nurses round up: Holiday edition


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One of our new goals is to bring you news every week of nurse-related happenings across the web. Stay tuned for this roundup every Thursday as we scour the Internet for controversy, quotes and stories related to nursing and the things you care about.



1. Retired nurse in Santa Ana makes Christmas dinner for families with loved ones in the hospital

“As a nurse, I know how desperate people can be during the holidays when someone is sick,”

. “But they come over here, relax, eat and get some soul support.”

“I love cooking, and I like to see people enjoying the food,” she said, noting how she got plenty of practice raising three children and her nephews. “It’s a hobby. You know how some people knit? I couldn’t sit still long enough to do that.”

Source: Mercury News

2. Labor and delivery nurse impacts patients and is honored with a profile in her local paper

“After 11 years doing this job, it’s still special. Each and every birth is still amazing to me,” Amy Wheeler told Central Baptist Hospital’s magazine.

“I tell my patients that I’m glad to be the bad guy,” Amy explained. “If there’s a family member that she doesn’t want there, I can send them away and that person can be mad at me instead of her. It’s also OK if the mom wants to fuss at me. I understand that labor is not always a fun experience, and the discomfort can make you say things you wouldn’t otherwise say. When it’s over, they almost always apologize.”


3. Former Peace Core nurse hits two decades of humanitarian efforts helping Hondurans

And it’s like St. Francis said, ‘Speak the Gospel daily. Use words only when necessary,'” Kathy Tschiegg told “I remember notes about me being passed around by the other girls and I would throw up every day on the bus before I got to school because I just hated that teasing that would go on.”

And I feel like my whole life has been in preparation of what my work is right now. If I didn’t understand what it was like to be in hopeless situations I feel like maybe my compassion wouldn’t have been as strong as it is today.”


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