News for nurses round up: New grads continue struggling

Welcome to the weekly news round up. Every Thursday we scour the Internet for controversy, quotes and stories related to nursing and the things you care about. Here’s what happened this week…




1. Saudi nurse hailed as hero after rescuing a young man involved in a road accident

“All those who witnessed the nurse’s behaviour were deeply moved by her courage and her professional standards,” Marzouq Al Arfi, a Saudi national who was present at the site, told the newspaper.

“Despite all efforts by the health ministry to adjust working schedules and hours of the women nurses, many families resent having their daughters do night or evening shifts,” one nurse told the Okaz daily in July, in reference to how tough it is to be a successful and supported nurse in her country. “Unfortunately, for many people, these shifts are the gateway to divorce and to the family destruction for married nurses and to a no-husband status for those longing to get married.”


2. German nurse makes a difference by opening an orphanage in Sri Lanka

“After nursing school, I worked in Nepal for a year, in a hospital,” she explained to the Huffington Post. “It was there I saw all the poor children. So many. And then I spent another year working for a clinic in India, near Goa. A couple years later, during the Tsumani. I came to work with relief efforts in Sri Lanka: helping with hygiene, teaching people in villages how to use the limited water, how to avoid cholera. After all these experiences, it became obvious to me that this is the direction I would go.”

“I have room for more boys,” Angelika said, pointing at the empty bunk beds. “But we are waiting for the State to allocate the children. Each child must go through an official procedure before a home is chosen for him. We just started 18 months ago; so it is just beginning. Eventually it will be full.”

Source: Huffington Post

3. New grads struggle to find work, as many job ads explicitly point out a “no new grads” rule

“The process has become more and more discouraging, especially since hospitals want RNs with experience, yet nobody is willing to give us this experience,” said Ronak Soliemannjad, 26, who has been searching for a nursing job since she graduated in June.

“It just seems that when the experts talk about the economy getting better, they’re not talking about it improving in two or three months. They’re talking about years,” she said. “You have new grads with student loans to pay off. We simply can’t not work for another year and half.”

Source: AOL 

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