Non-traditional nursing jobs: 8 things you need to know

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Thinking about a change in your career? It can be pretty daunting to consider leaving your well-known hospital job for a nursing role that’s less traditional. Luckily, you have the advice of those who have gone before you to help guide you through your journey. One great resource? Our Scrubs Blog Carnival!


Self Employed Nurse recently featured a fantastic roundup of wisdom especially for nurses thinking about a career transition into a non-traditional nursing role. Check it out below:

Non-traditional nursing jobs can be divided into two categories; self employed or non-traditional employed. Nurses may have similar reasons for choosing to seek jobs outside of hospital and clinics. For example, nurses that seek self-employment are often searching for:

  • Control
  • Freedom
  • Passion Fulfillment
  • Increased Free Time
  • Travel

Nurses that choose the non-traditional employed nurse path are usually concerned with following their passion while experiencing the following:

  • The Perceived Security of Being Employed
  • A Guaranteed Paycheck
  • Being Part of a Team Atmosphere
  • Perks or Benefits

The path you choose may affect which jobs are available to you. So, have you ever explored the job options available? The Scrubs Magazine Blog Carnival is a resource which features nurse bloggers from around the country that provide a broad overview of non-traditional jobs options.

The Gypsy Nurse has the answers to your travel nurse questions. In her article, What Is Travel Nursing, she covers the answers to basic questions often asked about travel nursing. She has successfully built a large blog following of travel nurses. 

Nurses: Rejuvenate Your Career! Written by Elizabeth Scala is a great read that suggests two possibilities for non-traditional nursing jobs in the area of personal health. Additionally, Elizabeth is also a Reiki Nurse and a health coach. Find out how to practice nursing on your own terms in her health and wellness blog post Nursing MY Way.  

Keith Carlson of Digital Doorway (Nurse Keith), from the beginning of his career, has practiced nursing outside the box. He is an award-winning blogger, writer, coach, and co-hosts the radio show RN.FM Radio with Kevin Ross. In his article Where There Is No Box, he suggests following your passion and ignore those that do not support nursing outside the box.

Another great opportunity to practice as a non-traditional nurse is to pursue legal nurse consulting or even attend law school. Lorie A. Brown R.N., M.N., J.D. covers this topic in her post Nursing And The Law and highlights both professions. She describes how a nursing background provides an excellent foundation for the career of law.

 Joyce Fiodembo, RN has a passion for writing with a focus on helping international nurses. Her blog post From Bedside Nurse to Writer will encourage others to make a transition from bedside nursing to Nurse Writer. Even if you are not an international nurse, you will find several useful and informative blog posts on the blog International Nurse Support.

A Scrubs Magazine article submitted by Brittney Wilson (The Nerdy Nurse), titled At-home job options for seasoned nurses, details several non-traditional nursing job options. I bet there are a couple of options you may not have seriously considered until after reading this article.

Blogger Innovative Nurse (Kevin Ross) co-hosts with Keith Carlson on RN.FM Radio and is a nurse entrepreneur. In his article titled So Many Different Directions, he tackles the issue of the nursing job shortage. His solution is to use a different approach to finding alternative nursing jobs. 

Jenifer Olin, RN a nurse writer explores the non-traditional job of nurse educator as a test prep instructor. She discovered this opportunity while taking a test prep class herself. She interviews Wendy Zander which details her journey transitioning from a bedside nurse to a nurse educator in her article RN Finds Non-Traditional Career Path in Certification Prep

This post is a collective effort of nurse bloggers as part of the Scrubs Mag Blog Carnival. If you are interested in participating find out more details and sign up here.

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