Novel (tongue-in-cheek!) stress-relief tips for nurses


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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are wine and exercise not cutting it? Have you given up on meditation and guided visualization? Does your monthly massage fail to relieve tension?

Try these fun (and very tongue-in-cheek!) tips for stress relief:

Exercise at work. I don’t mean running stairs. Put wet floor warning signs along your hallway and have a gurney slalom! Bring a pair of roller skates and form a roller derby team with your coworkers. (Bonus: it’s faster to deliver meds when you’re on wheels.) Decorate an IV pole with flowers and glitter and ride it down the hall. You’re Miss America!

Perform exciting biological experiments to make the time go faster. For every cup of coffee you drink, consume a minimum of 50 milligrams of diphenhydramine. Or try to identify, without using spectrometry, exactly what’s in that casserole from the cafeteria. Prank call food service to ask if their refrigerators are running.

Bring the arts into your work life! Text-page physicians in haiku. Use Colace liquid, Milk of Mag and benzoin tincture to paint a replica of the Mona Lisa. Make your own banjo from a bedpan and rubber bands and have a hootenanny! Arrange cotton swabs of varying sizes into a free-form modern art installation.

Stress is an unavoidable part of work life. Remember, though, that with a combination of creativity and craziness, you too can have a happy, less-stressful work experience.

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