Nurse bling: An adorable handmade watch just for nurses

Are you constantly searching for the time because you can’t have your phone out at work? These days, not many folks choose to wear a watch, but they’re still the easiest way to get the time. Plus, a cute watch is a classic accessory!


We recently found this handmade watch on Etsy, especially crafted for busy nurses who need to keep time on the go. The adorable accessory has a gauze background with a bandage, nurse’s cap, baby aspirin with a heart, stethoscope and thermometer. It also features a second hand so that you can take pulse rates!

THE DETAILS: Made with Japanese quartz movement, the watch comes with a standard battery that is easy to replace. While it’s not waterproof, the whole thing is water-resistant (okay for work, not okay for the shower). The leather band is size 18mm and will fit any wrist up to about 7 inches. The watches themselves are just under 1 1/2″ across. The artisan guarantees her work and will fix it if anything comes loose during the first year of wear.

(Sunny River Creations on Etsy, $38)

Coordinate with your new watch in this orange shaped v-neck top from HeartSoul!

Prefer to let your watch be the center of attention? Pair it with this Cherokee black mock wrap top:

What do you think: Would you wear a watch like this one? What other nurse gear have you spotted (and loved!) lately?


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4 Responses to Nurse bling: An adorable handmade watch just for nurses

  1. starry66 Caption Contest

    I think it is DARLING! I would wear it!

  2. What a cute and unique design. I like to have things that can’t just pick up at the corner store, and this definitely meets that criteria. Great find!

  3. kkarousel

    Very cute idea but totally useless without a second hand if you are wanting to wear it at work :(

  4. nursing queen

    I love the watch. I would like to buy a couple to give to my classmates as graduation gifts.