Nurse bling: ‘Cause I’m all about that coffee, ’bout that coffee, no decaf


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Things that nurses love: sleep and coffee.

Oh, the irony.

Since we can’t offer you more sleep (at least until we find a legal way to do it), we figured that we’d aim for the latter and peruse Etsy for a whole lot of lovely, entertaining and sometimes frighteningly accurate coffee-worshipping paraphernalia.

In a word? Success.


Wake up and smell the coffee as you bathe, killing two birds with one (deliciously scented) stone.

Find it here.

Amen to that!

Find it here.


And in case that wasn’t inspiring enough for you (tough crowd), we give you this.

Click here to trade out your average cup of Joe for a more romantic, tank-topped cup of Ryan.

This is key for those moments when the angel on your left shoulder says, “Go to sleep now,” and the semi-addicted devil in a nurse’s cap on your right whispers, “Drink more coffee.”

Behold—the perfect compromise.

Find it here.

All together now: “TRUTH.”

Love it. Share it. Find it—here.

This one gets five stars as far as break-room humor goes, but for the love of nursing—don’t let a patient spot you with this mug in hand. Second-to-worst-case scenario: They raise some serious red flags. Absolute worst-case scenario: They ask you to share.

Responsible mug-carriers, find it here.



Simple, honest, to the point. This shirt is here to say what your facial expression sometimes fails to do—because it’s exhausted and lacks the strength to communicate feeling. This way, nobody gets hurt.

An awfully practical investment, if you ask us.

Find it here.

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