Chic chevron nurse purse

Nursing requires oh-so-much gear! From your stethoscope, BP cuff and scissors to pens, penlights and hair ties, you have a lot to carry around with you at all times. And while it’s true that scrubs often come with generous pocket room, it’s not always fun (or organized) to load yourself down with random accessories.

With that it mind, we went looking for a cute bag and stumbled upon this nurse-centric pouch. Handmade in on-trend chevron, the medical case has all the right compartments. The zipper closure on top with a beaded pull is perfect for a standard stethoscope, BP cuff and two attachments (as shown in the photo below). The back has a pocket divided into four parts–perfect for scissors, penlights and accessories. The purse has a fleece inner layer to protect your gear and a satin lining so your tools easily slide in and out of the case.

Not so into the gray? It’s also available in lavender, pink or navy. Hand sewn by Love Amarie on Etsy, $38 each.

Height: 11.5″
Width: 8.5″
Depth: .75″

How do you keep your gear organized on a long shift? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Chic chevron nurse purse

  1. MeganMarieRx

    This is one of my good friends/fellow nursing student that makes these! They are the best quality (all of her products last FOREVER), with many different patterns of fabric to choose from. I (of course!) have one and absolutely love it. I don’t know how I would have kept all my nursing gear organized without it!

  2. AndieStudentRN

    i have one of these and i LOVE IT!!! it is so convenient for carrying and stashing all my necessities. i just keep it in my tote bag as a way of organizing all of my stuff and it is amazing. the designs and fabrics are awesome as well! love everything about it!!!