Nurse bling: Consider us your newest study buddy

There are a million reasons why final exams are awful—including, but not limited to, the fact that there are a million things you need to know, and a million answers you could feasibly give that are not actually correct. In other words, exam time isn’t exactly getting you all hot and bothered, unless it’s in a gross, clammy hands kind of way.
That’s why we’ve gathered some study-friendly items from Etsy to boost your morale when the pressure builds. You know, the kind of pressure that has you wondering, “Will all that money I spent on tuition go to waste in a matter of hours?” That kind of pressure.

We’d offer to help you study, but you wouldn’t like that—we’re pretty chatty. So you’ll have to settle for our helpful finds and a few words of wisdom instead.

Now dig in! (But not for too long—you have flashcards to review.)



We know you’ve got a lot coming up, like study groups, deadlines and official exam dates. It makes sense that you would need a very large planner to accommodate your busy schedule.

Oddly enough, we found one here.



Couldn’t fit everything into your extra-large planner? Or maybe you just need a little reminder?

That’s okay, because you’ve got a wall calendar. A chalk wall calendar, to be exact.

And so does Etsy—here.



No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is, in fact, oatmeal cookie goodness prepacked in a jar, just asking to be baked in between excessive bouts of highlighting.

Really, guys, this one should be a given.

You can find it here.



So you were a real champion about tearing through those cookies, but you’ve still got one or two (okay, just one) left over. Before you head over to the library or a practice exam, you can toss it into a super-cute reusable lunch bag—because we care about the quality of your coffee break.

Find it here.


Things that are imperative to quality test-taking:

  • Thorough notes
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Your lucky exam mug*

Don’t have one? We’ve got you covered—you can find it here.

*This definitely hasn’t been tested.

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