Nurse bling: Hand-painted personalized clipboard

We love anything that helps us stay efficient and isn’t a total eyesore–something every busy nurse can appreciate! If you deal with a lot of paperwork and could use the help of a clipboard to carry around or have handy in your office, we have to recommend one of these adorable hand-painted pieces from Jessie-Marie Meyers.
For those who really love showing off their nurse-ness (did we make up a word? We think it works!), you’ll love the one that’s adorned with a nurse surrounded by her favorite tools and a sweet quote. The clipboard is entirely customizable with your hair color, name and fave short saying. We know…we can’t believe it either (Heaven!).

If you love the idea of a clipboard but would like something you can use in all aspects of your life, you might gravitate more toward the chevron design with an old school initial emblem. Both are available on Etsy.

Do you carry a clipboard? If not, would it help if you did? What other organizational items help keep you from going crazy? Let us know in the comments below.

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